Doom Eternal Cultist Base: Mission 3 Walkthrough And Tips


Doom Eternal Cultist Base: Mission 3 Walkthrough And Tips

Here’s a walklthrough of the third mission in Doom Eternal for PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Stadia.

Doom Eternal | Last Combat Encounter Walkthrough | Mission 3 – Cultist Base | Nightmare Difficulty

This is the last combat encounter of the Mission 3 at Cultist Base to Eliminate Deag Ranak. To complete it you need to kill the big demons and monsters. This walkthrough shows how can be completed at Nightmare difficulty. The best tip to pass through it is to keep running and jumping forward and use the small demons as life, armor and ammo refill.

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DOOM ETERNAL Complete Collectible and 100% Achievement Guide (Mission 3 – Cultist Base)

Hey Gamers! Doom Eternal Has Arrived!!

This video series will take us through the entire campaign and getting ALL collectibles in one playthrough. We will be getting everything to get you all the collectible related achievements! This will cover the third mission in the game (Cultist Base).

Mission 3 – Cultist Base:
Codex 1/1 (Cultist Base): 0:39
Toy 1/2 (Gargoyle): 0:45
Extra Life 1/6: 1:02
Sentinel Battery 1/3: 01:16
Praetor Suit Token 1/5: 1:46
Extra Life 2/6: 2:02
Extra Life 3/6: 2:20
Rune 1/1: 2:40
Modbot 1/1: 3:02
Praetor Suit Token 2/5: 3:13
Sentinel Battery 2/3: 3:35
Extra Life 4/6: 3:56
Sentinel Crystal 1/1: 4:19
Secret Encounter 1/2: 4:31
Praetor Suit Token 3/5: 4:44
Sentinel Battery 3/3: 5:07
Cheat Code 1/1 (IDDQD): 5:30
Toy 2/2 (Soldier Blaster): 5:49
Praetor Suit Token 4/5: 6:01
Secret Encounter 2/2: 6:17
Extra Life 5/6: 6:32
Album 1/1 (DOOM II Into Sandy’s City): 6:43
Extra Life 6/6: 6:56
Slayer Key 1/1: 7:23
Slayer Gate 1/1: 8:01
Empyrean Key 1/1: 8:11
Praetor Suit Token 5/5: 8:22

-Damron Out

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Doom Eternal Walkthrough – Mission 3, Cultist Base 1 (COMPLETE COMBAT STRATEGY)

Doom Eternal walkthrough by veteran gamer, Major Slack. Detailed combat strategies with informative commentary.

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Doom Eternal – Cultist Base – Gameplay Mission Walkthrough Part 3 – 100% Completion

Doom Eternal – Cultist Base Gameplay Mission Walkthrough Part 3 – 100% Completion
Full game walkthrough part 3 gameplay and 100% Completion
infiltrate the cultist base
obtain your super shotgun
play as revenant
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