Nintendo PlayStation Hybrid Has Sold For A Lot Of Money


Nintendo PlayStation Hybrid Has Sold For A Lot Of Money

The console that Nintendo and Sony made together has broken a record at auction.


With the announcement of the Xbox Series X and the PS5, I thought I would go over “the console wars”, and my opinion on each generation of this neverending battle!


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Why the Nintendo PlayStation is worth so much

This “Nintendo PlayStation” occupies a special place in gaming history, as one of fewer than 200 prototype units ever produced, and now it’s up for auction. We’ve already had a chance to play around with the “Super Disc” system, but now that they’ve decided to sell it, getting hold of the artifact yourself is going to be expensive.

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Why The Nintendo PlayStation Was Never Released – Dark History: Episode 1

The Dark History of the Video Game Industry, Episode 1: Why The Nintendo PlayStation Was Never Released. Or the Sony Super Nintendo, whichever you prefer.
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This is the start of a new series on Dark Pixel Gaming in which we’ll explore some of the darker aspects of the video game industry and its history. I’ve been excited to tell these kinds of stories for a long time and have been researching like crazy. Let me know if Dark History is something you’d like to see more of! In this episode we go into the complicated history between Sony, Philips and Nintendo, in which the Super Disk, Play Station and CD-i were all a part of the Super Nintendo’s future. The SNES would have been an even better console than it already was! Plus, Dark Pixel? Dark History? It’s like we were made for each other!

Also, how crazy different would the industry be today if the Sony Nintendo Deal actually went through!!??

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