The Operative: No One Lives Forever


The Operative: No One Lives Forever

Just when it seemed as if first-person shooters had run out of ideas, along comes No One Lives Forever to reinvigorate the genre.

The Operative: No One Lives Forever – Gameplay PS2 HD 720P (PCSX2)

The Operative: No One Lives Forever – Gameplay PS2 HD 720P (PCSX2)

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Enhanced graphics with emulator PCSX2.For recording I used a Live Gamer HD Capture Card (no FPS Drops).
-some games can have graphical issues, lags and other problems…

PC specs:
– CPU Intel Core i5 760 (3.66 Ghz OC)
– RAM 8 GB
– GPU Gefoce GTX 560
– Windows 7 (64 bit)

PCSX2 (svn) Jun 6 2013

– info, faqs, tips at godgames-world website

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The Operative: No One Lives Forever Cutscenes (Game Movie) 2000

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UNITY, a British international spy organization, is having a bit of a problem: someone is killing their operatives. What better solution than to hire an ex-cat burglar as a new operative that the enemy doesn’t know about yet in order to find the culprit? Enter Cate Archer, also known as “The Operative” in: The Operative In: No One Lives Forever.

No One Lives Forever is a First-Person Shooter game from 2000, developed by Monolith Productions and published by Sierra. A spoof of 1960s spy movies, it was followed by a 2002 sequel, No One Lives Forever 2: A Spy In H.A.R.M.’s Way (which involved fighting ninjas in a trailer park in Ohio during a tornado and an evil assassin French mime, among other things), and a Mission-Pack Sequel in 2003 called Contract J.A.C.K..

Some of the other noteworthy elements include the use of gadgets (introduced at the beginning of each mission much like the Q scene in every Bond movie), the outrageous action set-pieces, and the hundreds of miscellaneous documents to read, including purchase orders for death traps. Both games involve vehicles in the snow at some point, which is also just like most Bond movies.

It’s also only one phrasing variation away from the John Gardner Bond novel Nobody Lives Forever.

The game is today considered semi-lost to time. Nightdive Studios has expressed interest in securing the rights to put out a remastered re-release, but so far their investigation to the possibility have been caught up in deadlock, due into the fact that with both Sierra and Monolith Productions have gone defunct, no one is entirely sure who actually owns the rights to the No One Lives Forever IP. Attention all gamers! Experience the addictive gameplay of Krunker. Click to start your gaming adventure.

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[PC] The Operative: No One Lives Forever (2000) Walkthrough

Title: The Operative: No One Lives Forever
Developer: Monolith Productions
Publisher: Fox Interactive
Release Date: November 9, 2000
Platform: PC

This is my walkthrough (playthrough) of one of the greatest first-person shooter/stealth games – The Operative: No One Lives Forever by Monolith Productions.

The Operative: No One Lives Forever is a story-driven video game, set in the 1960s, and stars spy Cate Archer as the eponymous Operative, who works for UNITY — a secret international organization “dedicated to protecting humanity from megalomaniacs bent upon world domination. During the story of the game, Archer is sent on missions to a number of locales, including Morocco, East and West Germany, the Caribbean, and the Alps, where she gets into intense situations, such as scuba diving a shipwreck, free-falling from an airplane without a parachute, and exploring a space station in outer space, all the while fighting armed villains. The game is a mixture of a first-person shooter and a stealth game (from Wikipedia).

The walkthrough done in one piece on “Normal” level of difficulty. It was recorded on my notebook IBM ThinkPad A31 with Mobility Radeon 7500. Sadly, the game has unfixed problems with Radeon 7500 since it’s release – garbled text messages during briefings and loading screens – these are not affect actual gameplay. Also, there are some minor graphical collisions during displayed onscreen text of collected intelligence items due to the specific of used video compression codec. Enjoy and subscribe!

Also, check out my walkthrough of extra mission – Rest and Relaxation, included in the Game of the Year (GOTY) edition of this game –

Level startpoints:
00:48 – The Assignment, Scene 1
04:43 – The Assignment, Scene 2
14:04 – The Assignment, Scene 3
28:43 – Misfortune in Marocco, Scene 1
40:37 – Misfortune in Marocco, Scene 2
1:00:12 – Misfortune in Marocco, Scene 3
1:12:38 – Misfortune in Marocco, Scene 4
1:29:55 – Requiem for a Spy
1:39:18 – Berlin by Night, Scene 1
1:50:28 – Berlin by Night, Scene 2
2:03:22 – Berlin by Night, Scene 3
2:16:37 – Unexpected Turbulence, Scene 1
2:23:21 – Unexpected Turbulence, Scene 2
2:27:47 – Care to Explain
2:36:04 – Rendezvous in Hamburg, Scene 1
2:50:17 – Rendezvous in Hamburg, Scene 2
3:03:07 – Visit to Santa’s Workshop
3:06:18 – A Tenuous Lead, Scene 1
3:17:52 – A Tenuous Lead, Scene 2
3:29:44 – A Tenuous Lead, Scene 3
3:39:48 – A Tenuous Lead, Scene 4
3:50:37 – A Tenuous Lead, Scene 5
3:59:13 – H.A.R.M.’s Promise
4:02:23 – The Dive, Scene 1
4:13:23 – The Dive, Scene 2
4:22:49 – The Dive, Scene 3
4:38:59 – If Our Demands Are Not Met
4:47:43 – A Man of Influence, Scene 1
4:59:48 – A Man of Influence, Scene 2
5:14:41 – A Man of Influence, Scene 3
5:30:12 – Further Investigation Required
5:36:28 – Safecracker, Scene 1
5:52:03 – Safecracker, Scene 2
5:54:58 – Safecracker, Scene 3
6:02:05 – Safecracker, Scene 4
6:12:29 – Safecracker, Scene 5
6:26:51 – Safecracker, Scene 6
6:39:26 – An Ounce of Hope, A Pound of Despair
6:52:53 – Rescue Attempt, Scene 1
7:08:55 – Rescue Attempt, Scene 2
7:30:02 – Rescue Attempt, Scene 3
7:53:30 – A Stern Warning
8:01:03 – Trouble in Tropics, Scene 1
8:12:32 – Trouble in Tropics, Scene 2
8:30:28 – Trouble in Tropics, Scene 3
8:36:45 – Trouble in Tropics, Scene 4
8:52:34 – Low Earth Orbit, Scene 1
9:13:36 – Low Earth Orbit, Scene 2
9:16:13 – Goog Luck and God Speed
9:21:18 – Alpine Intrigue, Scene 1
9:31:50 – Alpine Intrigue, Scene 2
9:43:12 – Alpine Intrigue, Scene 3
9:57:10 – Alpine Intrigue, Scene 4
10:17:24 – The Indomitable Cate Archer, Scene 1
10:27:55 – The Indomitable Cate Archer, Scene 2
10:43:56 – The Indomitable Cate Archer, Scene 3
10:52:12 – The Indomitable Cate Archer, Scene 4
11:07:12 – A Very Large Explosion, Scene 1
11:19:03 – A Very Large Explosion, Scene 2
11:29:32 – Such Is The Nature of Revenge, Scene 1
11:33:15 – Such Is The Nature of Revenge, Scene 2

No One Lives Forever Redux Review

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The Operative: No One Lives Forever (sometimes abbreviated as NOLF) is a first-person shooter video game with stealth gameplay elements, developed by Monolith Productions and published by Fox Interactive, released for Microsoft Windows in 2000. The game was ported later to the PlayStation 2 and Mac OS X.

A story-driven game set in the 1960s, No One Lives Forever has been critically acclaimed for its stylistic representation of the era in the spirit of many spy films and television series of that decade, as well as for its humor. Players control female protagonist Cate Archer, who works for a secret organization that watches over world peace. In addition to a range of firearms, the game contains several gadgets, which are disguised as ordinary female fashion items.

At the time of its release, many reviewers felt that No One Lives Forever was the best first-person shooter since 1998’s critically acclaimed Half-Life. After receiving several Game of the Year awards in the press, a special Game of the Year Edition was released in 2001, which included an additional mission. The Operative: No One Lives Forever was followed by a sequel entitled No One Lives Forever 2: A Spy in H.A.R.M.’s Way released in 2002, and a spin-off that takes place during the time between the first two games entitled Contract J.A.C.K. released in 2003, both developed by Monolith.

A re-release of the game has been hampered by the complicated state of the series’ intellectual property (IP) rights, with even parties assumed to be in possession of the IP having publicly admitted not knowing the precise legal situation of the series.