Wordle Answer Pulled Due To Relevance To "Major Recent News Event"


Wordle Answer Pulled Due To Relevance To "Major Recent News Event"

A Wordle answer, programmed into the daily word list months ago, was a little too relevant to a major American news story.

Expordle December 24 2022 in 8:57 [Various Multi-Word Wordles!]

Expordle for December 24 2022
(Made by Josh Wardle, Bought by NY Times)
(Made by Guilherme S. Töws)
(Made by diablomono)
(Made by Freddie Meyer or @fireph)
(Made by Jack Boettcher)
(Made by Kenneth Crawford)
(Made by MoreThanAwesome)
(Made by Bryan Chen)
(Made by Catherine Cowie)
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Am I getting better at failing? �� (Don’t Wordle, Nov 15 2022)

Spoilers for the Don’t Wordle for Nov 15, 2022

Play Don’t Wordle here: https://dontwordle.com/

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Wordle – Answer Today #364 : 18 June 2022

This is today’s solution to the viral Wordle Game #364
Wordle Answer for Today
18 June 2022

Wordle Solver: https://solvewordle.habeeb.in/

Did you find the mystery word for today?
Do share your score.

How to play wordle?
You have 6 attempts to find the hidden word!
Discover the origins of the popular Wordle game and how it became a global sensation among word puzzle lovers.

Now start typing in any 5 letter word.
After each attempt, press enter to submit.

The colors on the tiles give you these clues:
Green – the letter guessed is right and at the right place.
Yellow – the letter guessed is right but at the wrong place.
Grey – The letter is not part of the word

Happy guessing guys for this viral combination of a crossword and sudoku puzzle.

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Wordle With Dirty Words [Lewdle – HOW TO PLAY]

Lewdle – Dirty Wordle Game – HOW TO PLAY

This is a game of Wordle using lewd words – adult words, (aka dirty words)



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